Technical Camera

The ultimate still photo app.

For the conscious image maker. Works equally well for serious photography as for organized visual note taking. With a handful of unique features you'll not find anywhere else.

Get organized.

Photos are saved to individual albums created with a specific purpose in mind. Such as different photo shoots or projects, visual shopping lists, recipes from the grandmother's cookbook, things for sale, monthly gas and electricity meter readings - the list is endless. You can choose the appropriate image quality, size (you'll seldom make a large print of a meter reading, for example) and geotagging settings for each these uses.

Visualization aids.

Utilizing the time-tested precise simulation engines of our Mark II Artist's Viewfinder app, the Framing Previsor shows on the wide angle camera's live view what the telephoto camera would see. Highlight and shadow alerts warn you about exposure issues. And of course you have a handful of different grids.

Go wide — with no distortion.

The real-time wide angle converter distortion correction technology we introduced in 2013 (and is still unmatched) also found a place in Technical Camera. So you can go ultra-wide and still keep everthing square. A real boon for architecture and real estate photography.

Professional level control.

Manual exposure and focus, compensation and locks, focus peaking, and fully configurable auto ISO are just the beginning. Smart Function Keys allow you to bring your most used functions to one button press distance. You can even set the direction of the shutter speed dial, and choose which side of the screen acts as the exposure compensation and manual focus control. Oh, and we keep buttons off the image.

Standards compliant.

Standards facilitate workflow integration. So Technical Camera is completely color managed (from capture to display), with support for the frequently used Adobe RGB color space on wide color devices. DNG files adhere to the TIFF/EP specification, complete with a full resolution embedded preview. And metadata included in the photos follow Metadata Working Group recommendations.