macOS and iOS

$3.99 / €4.49

Available as an in-app purchase.

Included in ShutterCount Pro.

Graph and forecast.

The Plus Pack's graphing and forecasting features take advandage of your existing history logs, with no need to round-trip the data into another application to visualize your camera usage habits. ShutterCount also knows your camera's shutter durability rating*, and calculates the forecast** based on that number.

* Durability rating and forecasting is not available for some Nikon and Pentax cameras. See the Tech Specs for details.
** The forecast is calculated based on your previous usage, and will change if you use the camera differently in the future.

Tidy up the history.

Have duplicate entries in your history logs? Clean up those with a press of a button. Or if you prefer to leave mundane tasks to a computer, there's an option to do it automatically.

Be up to date.

With the Plus Pack, ShutterCount can manage your Canon EOS cameras' date, time, time zone and daylight saving time settings to reflect your Mac's or iPhone's every time a connection is made — automating yet another boring task. Moreover, the app can warn you if the firmware in your camera is outdated.

These features are off by default, you need to turn them on in the app's Preferences (macOS) or settings (iOS).