A fine art printmaker's tool.

If you are new to inkjet printing and are overwhelmed by calculations on print size and resolution, or a seasoned professional who wants an easy to use tool that's always in the pocket — PrintCalc is for you!

"What is the maximum fine art quality print size from my 4100 by 2065 pixel digital file?"

"If I have file from a 21 megapixel DSLR and want to make a 16 by 24 inch print, what is the resulting quality? Is it up to fine art printing standards?"

"At what resolution should I scan my 35mm slide if I want a quality 40 by 60 cm print?"

Answers these questions and more.

The app is derived from 8 years of digital printing experience and teaching numerous inkjet printing workshops (including Epson Print Academy in Hungary). Just throw all the data you know at PrintCalc and it will calculate the rest automatically. Calculated fields are marked with a lock icon and you cannot modify them. Just hit the trashcan icon to punch the entire sheet clear.

The app supports both digital and analog originals plus print sizes measured in inches as well as centimeters.
Print size refers to the printed image's dimensions on the paper — not the paper's. In other words, it does not include borders.
Print resolution assessments are based on fine art standards, which require way higher resolution than signage, for example.
Don't forget to play with the print resolution slider! Hold and move it left to right and you'll get a dynamic picture of the relation between original image size, print size and resolution.