Environmentally friendly housekeeping.

Green Shine helps you to replace almost the full range of commercial cleaners with gentle, environmentally friendly, healthier and safer homemade alternatives. The app contains environmentally friendly solutions for more than 100 everyday housekeeping tasks from simple window cleaning to stain removal.

Simple and easy.

You only need a few basic ingredients, like salt or vinegar to clean your house in an eco-friendly way. These ingredients are milder and safer to use and you will know what your cleaners exactly contain — which is important if you have sensitive skin, are pregnant, have little children, would like to save money or "just" think green.

Get organized.

Solutions are organized by place of appearance, but there's a complete listing too. Some solutions contain more than one variant, so be sure to explore them. Read the "Watch for" section at the end for advice and warnings specific to a given solution and the materials used there. And of course you can save your frequently used solutions to the Favorites list.

Watch the videos.

View our free video tutorials to see how easy it is to carry these tasks out and to check their effectiveness.